"I saw a 23% increase in milk solids*. That's about $250,000 of extra profit a year."

Knowledge of nutrition for economy, welfare and environment

*based on springtime pasture feeding, on a dairy farm with 400 cows and a daily dose of 400g Knewe®-Mg

Sustaining global food security is in our nature

The dairy industry is the backbone of New Zealand. But to stay one step ahead of international demand and to help sustain global food security, we must nurture our land and our animals.

That’s where Knewe Biosystems Limited comes in.

Using our collective experience of over 150 years in science, dairy and farming, we’ve developed Knewe® prebiotics: scientifically-proven supplements that don’t just improve rumen function in ruminants and reduce environmental impact; they increase animal performance and profitability too. So your livestock are healthier, happier and making you more money.

Forecast your milk profit with our COWculator

Use our COWculator to find out the extra margin you could make with Knewe® prebiotics (based on milk production).