About us

Knowledge of nutrition for economy, welfare and environment

Using our collective experience of over 150 years in science, dairy and farming, all of us here at Knewe Biosystems Limited share the same goal. We want to bring the most innovative nutrition insights to light. So the dairy and wider food production industries can grow successfully without putting global food security, and the environment, at risk.

Knowledge of Nutrition for Economy, Welfare and Environment.

Dr Graeme Coles
– Technical Director

"We know that dairying and beef production are very good ways to meet the world’s nutrition needs for both energy and high quality protein, so we need to maximise the environmental and welfare sustainability of dairy and beef production systems. Knewe®-Mg makes a major contribution to meeting this need by ensuring good mineral nutrition and reducing waste, while being very economic to use."

Dr Coles is the inventor of the Knewe® process and product applications. He commercially developed Glucagel™. And he’s been a Director of start-ups for over 20 years, developing new businesses like The Crater Rim winery, which started out as a five-acre vineyard and became an internationally renowned brand.

Paul Tocker
– Executive Director

"To achieve increased business sustainability in the farming sector, owners need the best tools for all aspects of their operations. Knewe®-Mg helps increase animal productivity by getting significantly better value from the forage you supply to your stock – whether grown yourself, or bought in. We work with you, your nutrition advisor and your supplement supplier to deliver Knewe®-Mg in the way that best suits your farming situation."

Mr Tocker has a long track record in all aspects of the dairy industry, from farm ownership to international sales and marketing. He’s had 15 years of experience at Chief Executive level in midsize companies in NZ, and was Group General Manager of Technology for PGG Wrightson Ltd, responsible for the efficient use of $500 million of assets.

As CEO of Crop & Food Research, one of NZ’s leading R&D organisations, Mr Tocker also elicited outstanding science commercialisation projects with domestic and international clients.

Max Enersen
– Sales Manager

"We have rolled all our knowledge to date into a calculator you can use to predict the cashflow and profit impacts you will get in your operation, if you use Knewe®-Mg. I am happy to work through the numbers with you at your convenience."

Mr Enersen has had a long career in the animal industries – specifically dealing with beef and sheep – and has an extensive list of key clients. Max’s role within Knewe Biosystems Ltd will be to service his own customers, and support customers who are clients of our key advisors.

Vincent Chew
– Chairman

Mr Chew’s professional expertise lie in corporate governance and international marketing and trade. He has substantial experience in the governance of start-ups and medium to large enterprises. Recently retired from business, he chairs Knewe Biosystems Ltd with a special interest in assisting expansion into Southeast Asia.

Garry Moore
– Non-executive Director

With a background in management accounting, Mr Moore is a former Mayor of Christchurch. He was instrumental in attracting a number of high-tech enterprises to the city, and led the development of several key partnerships with large cities in China and Japan. To top it all off, when he retired from office, he left the city with no net debt.