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Knewe®-Mg prebiotic

A cost-effective performance prebiotic, Knewe®-Mg helps the gut flora do their job more effectively. So animals are able to extract more nutrients from the same amount of feed, making them healthier, more productive and more profitable. For ruminants (cows, sheep and other grazers).

  • Scientifically-proven to increase milk solid production in dairy cows at an economic return of 2–3 times the product cost
  • Less environmental loading of nitrogen and methane
  • Shelf-stable pellets that last for up to a year


A magnesium-rich effective prebiotic for horses and other animals.

Prebiotics are diet components that improve the performance of the natural micro-organisms in the digestive system and any probiotics fed at the same time. Performance changes are not immediate: the various benefits take between a week and three months to show.