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A magnesium-rich effective prebiotic for horses and other animals.

Prebiotics are diet components that improve the performance of the natural micro-organisms in the digestive system and any probiotics fed at the same time. Performance changes are not immediate: the various benefits take between a week and a month to show.

Improves stamina, exercise recovery and immune performance.

The prebiotic effect of Equi-Knewe® is to help the hindgut flora to get more energy out of the diet in a form usable for the horse:

  • Better energy from the diet means better metabolic energy balance, so all the body stores from blood glucose to fat depots are maintained in a better state. This leads to better burst performance, greater stamina and better recovery after extended exercise.
  • Better metabolic energy balance means a more effective immune system function. This leads to faster wound healing, and helps explain improved recovery from laminitis.

Enables the horse owner to reduce crude protein in the horse diet, leading to less offensive dung odours.

The prebiotic effect of Equi-Knewe® is to help the hindgut flora to get more protein out of the diet in a form usable for the horse:

  • More protein recovered from the diet means less nitrogen excreted, if crude protein fed is properly balanced.
  • This leads to reduced availability of nitrogen with which faecal micro-organisms can make the offensive odorants normally found in horse dung.

Expect better social behaviour and easier training.

Magnesium is known to have many beneficial effects in equine physiology and psychology. A dose of Equi-Knewe® provides 10g of Mg in various readily digested forms, and also helps the hindgut flora to release the forage Mg and other important minerals in digestible form to a good deal greater extent.

Manufactured under licence for Knewe Biosystems New Zealand Ltd by Oreco Group in Queensland from all-natural products. Contains 3.6% yeast components.

  • Equi-Knewe® is produced from co-products of ethanol distillation from GM-free wheat, lactic acid made from GM-free wheat, and feed-grade MgO.

Feed adult horses 330g per day, and weanlings 170g/day. Ensure access to clean water and good quality forage.

  • Equi-Knewe® acts in proportion to the size of the digestive system. However, it is safe for horses to consume several times the recommended daily dose.