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Violet J Roberts, Otago

Equi-Knewe; Testimonial 14th January 2024

I have been feeding Equi-Knewe for close to two years now, to my two equine companions; one a 16.3hh, 24yr young Clydesdale x St James mare, the other a re-homed 15.2hh 14yr Appaloosa gelding who has been off the planet in previous seasons, affected by the grass. I began feeding “Knewe” after a lovely informative conversation with Paul and Anne. The product designed to work in the gut improving the performance of the natural micro-organisms in the digestive system, as a result a whole realm of benefits including feeding less high-end grain based feed, consistently happier healthier horses, whose dung (I chose to take photographic evidence of during the first month of feeding) showing reduced fibre output, sure enough their dung pellets became soft and glossy, non-offensive with fibre output (at a guess) reducing by at least 70%, telling me digestively things are working well and all the fibrous matter they eat, is being well utilised. For the horses, I have seen a level in their behaviour and their health, it has remained consistent with no peaks and troughs through the seasons. No weight gain or lose, no toxin binders required in spring or autumn anymore, no signs of laminitis or soreness, they move well and manage their diet well. For my pocket it has made my feeding regime simply consistent and affordable, Equi-knewe (360gm) approx 2.5cups!, lucerne chaff and a little speedi beat to bind with a tbsp of salt, each day summer and winter. Their condition has remained noticeably stable and “held-on” over the winter months, they are not covered routinely, nor fed extra during this time of year. With all this in mind, personally I see the proof and benefits of Equi-Knewe everyday I see my horses. I am finally, after so very long of dabbling with various products, and mixes of products, and vitamins and minerals, able to simplify my feeding regime knowing the are getting, and able to digest efficiently all that is available to them, and they remain stable mentally and physically throughout the seasons. So thank you and credit to Equi-knewe, their team and all those involved with its development and manufacture, it’s a product I will continue to feed for as long as I own large animals, and will continue to recommend to other large animal owners.


EquiKnewe: A game changer here.

Every Pony here at Poniworks has Equi-Knewe included in their diet from the day of arrival.

I’ve noticed an unbelievable change in overall health and Pony condition.

Pony performance is improved, Temperaments of many are improved, and overall well being, coat condition and health.

I can not rate this product highly enough, and we are never without it.

Service, advice and help is always at hand.

Very impressed with Equi knewe and we wouldn’t be without it.

I think our ponies are glowing healthiness.

Maria C

We have incorporated Equi Knewe into our horses diets over the past 18 months, and have witnessed a remarkable improvement in their coats, energy levels and overall health and behaviour. The quality and effectiveness is outstanding and we are happy to recommend EquiKnewe.

Karen P Webb

I am very happy with Equi-Knewe and the positive affect it has had on my 31 year old Quarter horse / Appaloosa mare.

Over the 2022 winter Kei struggled to keep weight on, regardless of how much I fed her, but in 2023 I started using Equi-Knewe. The difference was astounding, her summer weight was not only maintained but she put on weight over winter of 2023 and her coat shone. I am very pleased with this product and would happily recommend it to any horse owner.